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 General information

  • Who we are

CHINAGREEN LAWN AND GARDEN MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is a full fledged professional manufacturer located in Huai’An City, Jiangsu Province of eastern China. CHINAGREEN is specialized in building some of the finest lawn and garden machinery and grounds care products from China. With floor area covers 26,600 square meters, CHINAGREEN possesses stamping press, punching press, inert gas welding, continuous welding, bending and forming, CNC machining center, tooling repair, powder coating,   testing center & well arranged assembly line.

Meanwhile, we have professional R&D, Quality Control, Marketing and Logistics teams to ensure customers all over the world enjoy our best products and service.

  • What we do  

Compared with some “Assemblers ” in this industry, CHINAGREEN is a real manufacturer. Over 70% components are made by ourselves, chassis stamping, handle forming, axle welding, plastic injection, painting, etc… As process control among every stage of production, it helps to guarantee the high and stable quality as well as short lead-time.


Our advantages

-Real manufacturer rather than an “Assembler”

-More than 20 years experience in lawn mower and other garden products (1st mower from CHINAGREEN in 1989)

-Flexibility & innovation in new product development

-Products sold to both China domestic market & worldwide (severe operation environment requiring higher product quality)


Details embody specialization

Specialization reflects quality




We care for more

Jiangsu Huai’an, a traditional heavy industrial city, also famous for its high standard mechanical products as well as the meticulous manufacturing process.

CHINAGREEN, a brilliant and dazzling company, was born on this land, which is a marvelous place with outstanding people.

CHINAGREEN LAWN AND GARDEN MACHINERY CO.,LTD., located in Huaiyin Industrial Area, has been devoted to technical research, development and production of garden machinery for over ten years.

CHINAGREEN has committed itself to supply clients with technology, products and service beyond their expectation for years, and has become a dark horse rising among the garden tools industry of China.


We focus on research and development

The unwavering commitment of CHINAGREEN is to achieve industrial specialization with more focus.

CHINAGREEN brings together the most outstanding experts of garden tool production in China, especially for engine products. Averaging an impressive ten new products introduced to the market each year, we are confident we can fully meet the requirements of our customers. Our R&D team cooperates with our clients to provide individualized and professional service. Our goal is intuitive, human design to allow our clients to compete in the market as if they had their own factory. CHINAGREEN has already become a leading one-stop OEM in the garden tool industry of China.


 We focus on quality

In the course of the manufacture of products, CHINAGREEN strictly controls each process, and controls the product quality by means of incoming quality control, in-process inspection, final inspection and pre-delivery testing and inspection. Also, the advanced technology and equipment ensure the accuracy and reliability of inspection.


We focus on delivery

As a trustworthy manufacturer of garden tools, CHINAGREEN has 26,600 square meters of production space with modern manufacturing equipment in which CHINAGREEN owns international-grade presses, spraying and assembling lines. The annual production capacity of lawn mowers and various other garden equipment reaches nearly one million pieces. CHINAGREEN is a “real” manufacturer, rather than an assembling factory, so most components are manufactured by CHINAGREEN itself to shorten the delivery cycle and ensure quality. Our in-house process including Stamping, forming, painting, punching, welding, tube bending, & chroming ,CHINAGREEN ensures on-time delivery with its own production capacity and efficient process control.

Upon the completion of production, CHINAGREEN’s business service system will organize logistics promptly so as to deliver the product to the client as soon as possible.


We focus on price

Replying on CHINAGREEN’s unparalleled advantages in product R&D, production techniques, quality control and distribution logistics, whether for international orders or domestic ones, CHINAGREEN’s experienced marketing specialists will provide each client with products and solutions appropriate for local markets.

Fully controlling all processes related to manufacture and sales, CHINAGREEN’s professional teams stabilize finished products rate and reduce waste by improving productivity, and help clients to lower cost through using new technologies, so as to ensure maximum profit for clients with competitive pricing and professional service which are beyond clients’ expectation.


We focus on after-sale service

CHINAGREEN actively initiates “honest management, constant process improvement, perfect after-sale service”, and makes all efforts to satisfy clients with- two years of guarantee, lifetime after-sale advice service, and distribution services for spare parts and fittings, etc. Clients can check the order status on line. CHINAGREEN’s promise to clients is response within 24 hours and technical supports at any time once the quality problems occur after the products leaving the factory.


We focus on environment

As a social enterprise citizen, CHINAGREEN has implemented ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS18000 Occupation Health Safety Management System constantly and effectively in the production, to ensure the environmental pollution from engine exhaust controlled at lowest point.

Nowadays, the products manufactured by CHINAGREEN have been certified for GS, CE and EMC, and complied with ROHS, PAHS, EPA as well as European II Emission Standard. CHINAGREEN has maintained the powerful position in international market with its excellent quality all the time. For over ten years, CHINAGREEN has become the strategic partner of numerous internationally renowned brands’ OEM. Various garden tools have been sold to the countries and regions such as North America, Europe, Australia and Japan, and have received a lot of praise from users.


We focus on our employees

During the development and growth of the company, CHINAGREEN places more emphasis on development and establishment of enterprise culture. CHINAGREEN has a professional, pragmatic, aggressive and creative workforce. They are working together: to find out a system so as to make all employees gain returns by their own efforts; to create a system, thus to build a platform for the common development of individual and company. Here, either a senior engineer or a general operator, they all do their best to make CHINAGREEN become a world-class OEM.


We focus on future

We come from traditions, but we are above all of them.

We have professional insight, however, we are eager for innovative intelligence.

Facing the future, we will make all efforts to get closer to the clients’ needs, help clients in continuously challenging and realizing new dreams with the service beyond clients’ expectation.

CHINAGREEN is willing to create glorious future together with you!



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